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" Fighting corruption requires more than tools and programmes; it requires role models who inspire. Integrity awards winners provide a sense of hope and empowerment – they demonstrate that it is possible for ordinary people to do extraordinary things."

TI Chair, Huguette Labelle

The Transparency International Integrity Awards were created to recognise the courage and determination of the many individuals and organisations fighting corruption around the world.

The Integrity Awards winners are a source of inspiration to the anti-corruption movement because their actions echo a common message: that corruption is surmountable.

Launched in 2000, the awards honour the bravery of individuals and organisations around the globe whose efforts are making a distinct difference in curbing corruption.

The programme's goal is to give greater recognition to the efforts of journalists, civil society activists, government and corporate whistleblowers who work to investigate and unmask corruption, often at great personal risk.

His Eminence Cardinal Christian Tumi - Cameroon


In a country where journalists often fear speaking the truth, Cardinal Tumi has fought for a free press and established a radio station, Radio Veritas or Truth Radio, which regularly denounces government corruption and calls for free and fair elections. His two books paint a critical picture of a country where democracy is absent and the abuse of power is widespread, but also convey a message of hope: that the integrity of its citizens can bring a brighter future for Cameroon.

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Each year TI receives a substantial number of nominations for candidates who have risked their lives and their livelihoods in the name of justice, transparency and integrity. Winners have come from Asia and Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. They have included journalists and public prosecutors, accountants, government officials and leaders of civil society.

Corruption continues to rob the poorest of this world of hope and opportunities, and to undermine even long-established democracies. Join us in giving the deserving individuals, who fight this scourge, due recognition for their determination and bravery. Nominate someone today

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