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TI Source Book 2000

Confronting Corruption: The Elements of a National Integrity System

Author: Jeremy Pope


  1. About the Source Book
  2. Author's Note
  3. Foreword by Oscar Arias Sanchez
  4. Preface by Peter Eigen
  5. Executive Summary

For a short overview of the content, please click here.


You can download the entire Source Book, archived as PDF as a WinZip Archive (.zip, preferred Windows format)

Adapted versions of the Source Book 2000

Arab Source Book (ZIP and PDF Download)

Translated versions of the Source Book 2000

  • Albanian
    Perballja e Korrupsionit: Elementet e nje sistemi Kombetar integritet
  • Brazilian Sourcebook
    Sistema Nacional de Integridade, o arcabouço no qual se desenvolvem as atividades de combate à corrupção empreendidas pela Transparency International e pela Transparência Brasil
  • Romanian
    Sisteme de Integritate Publica, Ghidul Transparency International
  • Serbian
    Translated versions of the Sourcebook
  • Spanish
    El libro de consulta 2000 de TI
  • French
    Combattre la corruption - enjeux et perspectives, 2002

You can get Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe Website.