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Focus on Palestine

The majority of Palestinians believe that corruption exists in the Palestinian National Authority (PNA). The percentage of Palestinians who believe there is significant corruption in Palestinian Authority institutions jumped from about 50 per cent in 1996 to more than 80 per cent in 2007, according to an opinion poll regularly conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, an independent body.

A number of surveys conducted by The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity - AMAN, TI’s chapter in Palestine, in 2006 and 2007, clearly demonstrate that the general public perceives corruption as one of the main challenges facing the Palestinians. In fact, when evaluating the performance of public sector institutions, Palestinians considered corruption to be the number one problem in addition to the general lack of security and rule of law. Favoritism and nepotism are still perceived to be the most prevailing forms of corruption.

However, corruption is not limited to the public sector. A strong perception of corrupt practices by Palestinian NGOs was highlighted by respondents to an additional survey about non-governmental organizations conducted by AMAN in 2007. Abuse of a public position for financial gain as well as Wasta (using political, family and personal connections) and nepotism are the leading forms of corruption in the NGO sector, the survey showed.

In addition to surveys, AMAN implements many activities through its core program as well as regional and local projects to fight corruption. Since AMAN’s mission is to create a culture that is as free of corruption as possible, AMAN focuses its activities within its core program. It targets and involves all sectors of society when conducting training, workshops, and consultative meetings to solve an urgent problem, reports, etc. AMAN also is currently implementing provisions of the UNCAC despite the fact that Palestine is not a nation by definition.

Through its regional projects, AMAN works to fight corruption through activities that complement its work at home. For example, the MABDA regional project, which entails an NIS study in four Arab countries, provides a clear illustration of the strengths and weaknesses of the pillars which make a nation, hence setting the grounds for desired reform.

Other projects include “Enhancing the Legal Framework of Association in the Arab World through National Dialogue and Empowerment of Civil Society. This project opens doors for AMAN to bring government and CS together in a non-confrontational way, which provides grounds to work on other activities as well as activities of the project.




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